A new path

Since November last year my family and I have begun a new journey. Call it religious, spiritual or perhaps even a new way in life.

After several years of witnessing relatives become devotees of Lord Krishna, my little family and I were through pure chance of making friends with other mums outside my childs tutoring class; were invited to attend a bhakti vriksha class or gita class. This is where you learn about the bhagavad gita. Sometimes they read one verse and elaborate on it and on occasion a couple of verses. My family and I seemed to just fall into it nicely. Kids went into the children’s group where they learn stories of Krishna, practice lannguage by learning verses and prayers, learning culture, and singing and crafts.

For us grown ups there is some chanting and singing and then listening to the bhagavad gita before open discussion and then we all eat prasadam.

Somehow this weekly session has become apart of our routine. So much so that on a recent trip to India if I received the messages about what to expect in the next class I literally could feel I’m missing this class.

Every Saturday we try to attend temple. But its the small changes that are making the difference. I have for a while been the person who loves to sit up just a little later to get an extra few minutes to spend watching tv with my husband and then in the morning, even after 7-8 hours I sleep past my alarm. Now just naturally I am up early morning, doing my routine but putting my service to Krishna first. It was very hard and is very hard. I still have a few days where this happens more than I’d like. But I’m getting there…. I think.

As people who were eating meat the transition to a sattvic diet was relatively easy for my husband and I but our two kid’s are a different story. We don’t restrict their diet at all as they still have these tastes. So although we eat sattvic food without meat, onion or garlic. For our children we still provide this until they understand why we don’t eat meat etc and then it is up to them to decide if they want to stop. But until then… a couple of days week they’re happy.

My only problem with this lifestyle is I find it hard to motivate myself to make time to chant. And often I know I missed something. It’s one thing to light the candle and burn an incense stick or two and pray. But the chanting which at the start I made time for is dropping. My time management skills for this is not kicking in especially since we came back from overseas. Sometimes it feels like I am lacking something or I missed a lesson on managing my time more wisely.

What ever it is whilst I am happy I feel as though I am lacking an aspect of this as it’s become so important in our families life.


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