Small changes, hoping for big difference

In the midst of finding my energy and doing lots of online research and reading into different ways of reducing my negativity and trying to get myself to a state that I feel happy within myself; a dear friend of mine suggested the Gayantri Mantra. After listening to what was said about it and reading up on it I decided to go through a motion of setting myself the habit of hearing this each morning or as often as I can in the morning.

I think some people call this the change of life perhaps but who knows. I noticed after several days of playing this mantra and gradually chanting along with it my mornings are calmer. The kids have started becoming quieter and happier in their morning routines before school. And now I question how did I not think about this earlier. Before having kids even I used to put my favourite songs on in the morning and get ready for work without hesitation or on the weekends I’d spend most of Saturday cleaning house and garden with music on whilst hubby was at work.

It’s incredible how we change and things that used to matter or were a ritual stop being one. And then we change for whatever the reason. There are days where I wonder how much time I have been procrastinating about losing weight, keeping the garden clean, cooking healthier or reading a novel. I rarely take time out for me. But as I am nearing my 40s and my kids will both be in primary school, I have this inner incline that i need to change to keep up with them and with life in general.

So, where to from here? I have begun reading a couple of self-help books. The aim for me is to stop procrastinating; which I have become good at, and start doing what I should be doing. This ranges from positive thinking to, learning a new skill, becoming more spiritually adept, healthier, fitter; all in all a better version of myself for both my family and I.



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