Monday ‘Cooking’ Madness

It was Monday again and as usual was quite chaotic in my house; it’s first day of the school week and everyone is tired.

As I looked around my kitchen thinking what to cook and it must be vegetarian; a small glimmer of hope for an easy night of cooking and feeding the troop just became a mix of feelings.

On the menu was Rice, Dal and Bitter Gourd with ground Nuts and then dry fried. Not deep fried, just pan fried with spices.

So what is the madness all about? Bitter Gourd if not prepared properly can taste awful. And I mean awful. It is one of my favourite vegetables. It’s healthy, it can be delicious and its full of good stuff. I’ve also read that if you’re diabetic this is one of the vegetables to eat. So good for the man of the house.

After getting the rice on in the cooker, then the dal I was tending to the Bitter Gourd. My mother inlaw showed me once that once it’s cut up set it aside with a bit of salt. After sometime you squeeze the moisture out of it. Sometime from memory was about 30 minutes. But, this brain of mine had forgotten that. At the most maybe 15 minutes I let it sit, definetly was not long enough.  No where near it. Between helping one child with homework and another child struggling with the perils of what pyjamas to wear to bed that night, I didn’t manage to squeeze enough moisture out of the bitter gourd.

By the time I realised what I had done it was nearly cooked. Time to annoy my gal pals and see if any last minute ideas to reduce it’s bitterness. My two closest friends I am sure were laughing. Ideas of throw some Palm Sugar on it or deep fry it. All are great ideas but I think I was doomed.

My kids tried one mouthful and desperately finished the rice and dal as quickly as possible. Hubby, poor guy after a long day at work drowned the Bitter Gourd in dal. Somehow I still enjoyed it. The desire to eat this vegetable with rice and dal was still a happiness.

Next time, I can only make a mental note and hope I remember leave it for 30 minutes or more before squeezing the moisture, so it’s not too bitter.

Oh well, at least Tuesday nights dinner was better.


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