Cooking for intercultural family

Like most parents I struggle at thinking what to cook for my fussy eaters. Being an intercultural family we all have different tastes and likes. Mainly I do cook Indian food, but as I was never raised with this cuisine and am more or less self taught meal planning in this house doesn’t work.

My eldest is developing his taste for spice, the more chili and masala the better it is. Where as my preschool child is the fuss pot. At the moment almost everything is disgusting especially if it’s vegetarian. If it is meat and it’s spicey; no problem. Unfortunately I do keep days where we are strictly vegetarian as the cave men in my house will devour meat very quickly so to balance the diet we have days set for vegetarian. This is where the fussy times arise.

I love vegetables, love them. After growing up in a typically english home where meat and 3 veg is the norm, marrying into an Indian family opened my taste buds to fall in love with not just all these beautiful spices and aromas but so many new vegetables that i had only seen and never tasted and in some cases never heard of.

Any vegetable that can be deep fried as bhaji or put in a dry curry is a hit. Any curry with Paneer my preschool child says I get two thumbs up; thanks buddy. If they see eggplant in the Kitchen they tend to run away from the Kitchen. Although they’re learning that home is not a hotel alternative options are sometimes requested. But with kids it’s always hit and miss with food. The best dish my kids love if I have to make it and I am no good at it, is a very simple Pasta Napoli. I can never get pasta sauce right. But for some reason when no one is in the mood for indian, Pasta Napoli is a must in this house.



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