10 years and counting

The other day my husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary, although not what I had in mind for a 10th Anniversary, but we had our closest friends who are really family; by our side. I spent most of the day reminiscing all that we’ve been through and how we got this far.

The day we got married was extremely special, we got married in Mumbai and had a very typical South Indian wedding. It was magical; other than the Mumbai heat it was amazing. I am never sorry for not having the fluffy white wedding. As I look back over photos and recall stories from family it was ever so colorful and a family affair. I loved that throughout the ceremony our families were apart of the entire wedding. Right there next to us.

As it was in India, my own family couldn’t attend but I was suddenly blessed when my father in-laws guru who told that there was a family with no daughter who would consider this a great omen. I am reminded that they wanted a daughter of their own and well, along came me. The family was informed that my own parents weren’t able to come for the wedding, so they gladly met my husband and I, and luckily enough they were thrilled that they could step in and do all the rituals any parent would for their daughter.

Well, 10 years on and this beautiful family still think of me as a daughter and a sister.  They have become what I call my spiritual family. I have gained two brothers and two amazing parents whom I’m fond of.

I believe the day I got married I was blessed, I gained incredible in-laws who made the day so special. I remember listening to stories that my husband, his mum and sister had been arranging everything from the backdrop to the Sari’s to the catering. I was and still am truly lucky to have in-laws and a husband who do so much for me, even today. Although my husband and I are from different countries, his culture and religion are now mine too. Today I am still learning much about Sanatana Dharma and their way of life.

Before I got married I remember my grandmother (RIP), told me that I wasn’t just marrying my husband I was marrying 5000 years plus of history, religion and tradition and that if I want to be with him enough, I should take on 150% of the religion and traditions etc. and today this still speaks volumes in my head. But, as I am becoming older and now a mother of two gorgeous boys; I find myself delving more into the culture and religion. The Australian culture they learn at school and through friends, but their fathers culture is harder for them to learn being in a western country. Whilst hubby isn’t so bothered for some reason I am.

After converting to Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) I feel very spiritually home and whole. My children are lucky, they get to enjoy two cultures. They love a good game of Aussie rules football and at the same time they love celebrating Indian festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Makar Sankranti and many more.

Looking back over the last ten years of our life we are blessed in so many ways. I now have two countries to call home. My own little family and in-laws whom I adore. Friends who accept us as we are. Life is good, we always have our ups and downs, but my marriage and the family we have created brings me much joy.

For many being in an interracial relationship/marriage can be difficult and we have experienced it but if you want to make it work there’s always a way. For me I was lucky enough that I had always enjoyed learning about others cultures and the countries they were from; so it was easy for me to adapt. Even when we go home you will barely find me in jeans and a jumper after landing, because as the saying goes ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’.

To my husband Happy 10 years Anniversary, here’s looking forward to many more years, grey hair and more happiness. Thank you for all that we’ve been lucky to have. You are my rock, my love and my best friend.


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